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Immigration to Canada  

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I can only speak from my own experience and my experiences some time ago.  It was in 2005 when Canada had legalized same sex marriage. I was already in a long distance relationship for about one year when I began the process. Please see my post here, for some background.

Here is what I can tell you about immigrating to Canada at that time (from the Philippines).

Visitor visas:

We had applied twice and twice we were refused. Basically the Philippines is concerned of people leaving and not returning. Unless you can demonstrate to both immigration and to the Philippine consulate that you have strong ties that ensure your return, you will not be approved.  Some of those strong ties might be having children in the Philippines, owning a business there or a lot of money in te banks there.


Since Canada has legalized same-sex marriage, they can process an application under what was then known as the "Family Class" - as a conjugal partner. Basically we were able to apply for this since we could prove a legitimate relationship and could show that we were unable to marry in the Philippines (not legal there), so the conjugal partnership applied.  This is just a very broad explanation and again, you should check with immigration for any current information. There are a lot of forms to complete and if you read my other post here, you will see that there are long wait times.  Also, as part of the application, you will need to show that your relationship is genuine. This is very important, as unfortunately, many have spoiled this for others by seeking a marriage of convenience,  It will be up to you and your sponsor to prove otherwise. 


Depending on you and your sponsors finances, you may want to hire a lawyer or immigration consultant. Be careful  - there are many "consultants" quite willing to take your money and under-perform. We did our application / forms ourselves saving us thousands on legal fees. if you decide to go this route, all I can say is make sure everything is accurate. Cross your "t's" and dot your "i's". One mistake and your application could be sent back to you, delaying everything by months.

Time Frame:

At the time we applied, it was about 7 months to a year to process applications. Consult the Canada Immigration website for updated wait times,

Of course this all was 15 years ago, so policies may have changed.  Please refer to the Canada immigration website if you are thinking of sponsoring someone. This information is not deemed to be accurate due to it's age.

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Hello Abe! Your post is very useful. Now I know how to have a long-distance relationship. As early as possible I know how to get started as a preparation for my future destination in life. Thanks Abe!

Romeo A Abuhan Jr

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